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Rescued Puma Who Can’t Be Released Into The Wild Is Presently Living As A Spoilt House Cat


Rescued Puma Who Can’t Be Released Into The Wild Is Presently Living As A Spoilt House Cat

Messi certainly needs a friend – we suggest a leopard named Ronaldo!

From crocodiles to snakes, some individuals enjoy having bizarre animals as pets. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a Puma as a house cat?

If No, let’s introduce you to a spoilt house Puma-Cat!

This Puma was named after a famous Argentine Footballer, Messi. Living with adoptive parents Aleksandr and Mariya Dmitriev in Penza, Russia, the Puma is living the kind of lifestyle we all daydream about – Spoiled Pummy!

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This Is Messi The Puma


Messi was originally sold to a petting Zoo in Penza at three months old. He was recognized smaller than usual and also had health issues. He couldn’t bear living in a Zoo nor could he live in the wild. Thinking of putting Messi to rest, Aleksandr and Mariya did came to the feline rescue.

Messi Lives With Adoptive Parents Aleksandr and Mariya


The pair revealed it was love at first sight when they saw Messi, so they brought him home after thinking about the logistics involved in keeping a large animal. Nursing back Messi to health, the couple were excited with the new addition to their family. A Setback: Kira the couple Kitten doesn’t get along with Messi.

While Messi Is Also Called A Kitten, He Had To Be Trained Like A Dog


Messi Regularly Goes For Walks


With Messi becoming quite famous on the internet, a lot of users applauded the Dmitrievs for taking good care of him. A few urged the couple to return the Puma to a wildlife home.

Well, Messi Is Incredibly Calm And Gentle


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