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Girl Shocked To Find Out Her Adopted Stray Cat Is Actually A Puma


Girl Shocked To Find Out Her Adopted Stray Cat Is Actually A Puma

So, he had to be returned.

A teen girl from Argentina adopted a kitten with an orange-ish brown coat. And like any other cat, it was a cute one and was really active, but when found, it was crying for help.

Florencia Lobo and her brother found two cubs, who she named Tito and Dani. But Dani suddenly died two weeks later.

This is Tito who finally injured one of his legs while playing.

Tito remained an active cat and actually loved jumping and climbing on things. Eventually, he injured one of his legs, so Lobo took him to the vet to get it checked. When checking with a local vet, she found out that Tito was not a domestic cat.

The 18-year-old met an animal expert and sent several pictures who finally confirmed to her that Tito was a wild cat.

Tito was taken to The Argentine Animal Rescue Foundation who confirmed it was a three-month-old Jaguarundi Puma. The species is native to southern North America and South America.

He had his legs cured and was eventually returned to the wild.

Playful Tito loves to bite, run and jump around.

This is an adolescent jaguarundi puma, a native species of South America.

Lobo was sad because Tito was already becoming a family to her.

“He followed me everywhere. He never lacked any meat, milk, or anything where I live. He was a pet for me,” said Lobo. “It causes you pain that they take him away, but deep down I know that it is good that they took him and will return it to nature.”

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