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16 Celebrities Who Donated Cheerfully To Assist Australian Fire Services


16 Celebrities Who Donated Cheerfully To Assist Australian Fire Services

Help save lives, wildlife’s -donate as little as $100!

Australia is presently being destroyed by spreading bushfires. Taking an unexpected and severe turn, the ongoing bushfires incident in the country has so far destroyed an estimated 8.4million hectares of land, 2,500 buildings, and over 1,9000 houses.

With the lives of over 25 people lost as of January 5th, billions of animals have equally died due to starvation and loss of habitat caused by the fire. Nevertheless, many individuals responding to the country’s dire situation are currently offering everything they can give, including donations, prayers, and thoughts.

Interestingly, celebrities are also joining in and encouraging others to help Australia. Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, in particular, have urged millions of their followers to donate, while other celebs agreed to lead to by example by putting out the real figure and how they donated.

Applauding these Celebs for their good deeds, we have compiled celebrities who donated generously to assist the ongoing Australian bushfires.

More Info: Red Cross Disaster |NSW Rural Fire Service | Queensland Fire Service.

#1 On January 8th, Comedian Celeste Barber Raised $34,155,396 In Donations

Celeste Barber

#2 Chris Hemsworth And Family Donated $1,000,000


#3 Elton John Assisted With $1,000,000


#4 Alecia Beth Moore, Known As Pink Donated $500,000


#5 Rebel Wilson Raised $100,000 After Auctioning A Private Lunch Date


#6 Through Donations, Actor Dacre Montgomery Raised Over $250,000


#7 Kylie Minogue And Family Donated $500,000


#8 Actor Russell Crowe Donated $105,000. Previously Auctioned A Rabbitoh’s Cap And Raised Over $400,000


#9 Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman Donated $500,000

Gage Skidmore

#10 Novak Djokovic (Tennis Player) Made A $17K Donation


#11 YouTuber Muselk Raised Over $125,000 Through Donations


#12 Ash Party Promised To Donate $360,000 Prize Money If She Wins The Brisbane International


#13 Husband Noah And Singer Dami Im Donated $10,000


#14 Maria Sharapova Pledged To Assist With $17,400


#15 Justin Hemmes Donated $500,000 To The RFS


#16 Kylie Jenner Donated $1,000,000


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