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15 Headlines Show How Differently Media Treat Meghan And Kate

Royal Family

15 Headlines Show How Differently Media Treat Meghan And Kate

Preference comes into play with the royals!

Meghan Markle and Husband Prince Harry – The Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently shocked the public by announcing they will be quitting their position as senior members of the royal family.

One of the most observed changes they’re currently making is repudiating a group of British Press outlets’ access to their personal Press release.

And on hearing the announcement, Journalists have, however, been extracting some of the British media’s most judgmental headlines about Meghan and have placed them next to what the same outlets thought of when fellow Duchess Kate Middleton faced a similar situation.

We have compiled some of the headlines British Journalists appeared to think were wrong since Meghan Markle did them.

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1 76,

Meghan: ‘Personally, I find the cradling a bit like those signals in the back of cars. Baby on board – Virtue Signaling, as if the rest of us barren harridans deserve to burn alive in our respective cars.’ Daily Mail: Jan 26th, 2019

Kate: ‘Bumping along very nicely! The Duchess was spotted placing a protective hand on her tummy as she exited the event.’ Daily Mail: March 22nd, 2018.


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3 67,

Shortly after Meghan and Prince Harry started dating in 2016, Prince Harry issued a press release statement condemning the media’s coverage of Meghan. One of his fights against a newspaper featured Meghan’s class background and race.

After then, a lot of individuals have continued to speculate that the media’s general bias against Meghan comes from the resistance to accept a Mixed-Race American.


4 60,

Meghan: ‘The pregnant Duchess of Sussex and the so-called ‘Avocado on Toast Whisperer’ is gradually wolfing down a fruit linked to water shortages, general environmental devastation, and illegal deforestation.’ Express reported on Jan 23rd, 2019.

Kate and William: ‘Prince William was granted one of the green fruit wrapped in a bow by a little boy whose mother is suffering during Pregnancy as well. He revealed he would take it to Kate and see what happens next and also said Good Luck for the boy’s mummy.’ Express reported on Sept 14th, 2017.


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7 47,

Meghan and Harry: ‘The Sussexes want to tag their name on tons of products including journals, hoodies, T-shirts, and gloves for their newly-established foundation Sussex Royal. Experts revealed Meghan and Harry were preparing to quit the Royal family months back by filing a trademark application to commercially protect their brand.’ Daily reported Jan 9th, 2020

Kate and William: ‘Establishing their own companies will permit William and Kate to bring out myriad items of officially endorsed merchandise ranging from coffee cups to tea towels. The Kensington Palace Officials revealed they were doing sensible things in protecting the couple’s right.’ Daily Mail reported Jan 17th, 2014.


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