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Prince Harry And Meghan Have Fled For Canada After Archie Was Left With His Nanny


Prince Harry And Meghan Have Fled For Canada After Archie Was Left With His Nanny

The Queen is furious.

Prince Harry had been planning to follow Meghan Markle to fly to Canada and be with Archie. The two have left their son with best friend Jessica Mulroney and their nanny there after Christmas break. The Sussexes had just recently dropped the bomb that they are leaving their royal duties and the family has not yet settled with a solution.

The Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William are shocked by their actions and called emergency talks in order to keep them as part of the royal family. Meghan flew to Canada hours after their surprise news, while Harry had just recently gone, following in her steps.

Doria Ragland, Meghan Markle’s mother was seen after the surprise news was dropped by her daughter and her royal husband.

The Sussexes spent their first Christmas with Archie in this £10million waterfront mansion on Vancouver Island.

While Meghan will most probably remain outside of the UK as she had not planned to return in a while, Harry will definitely have to return to Britain by next week for his engagement at Buckingham Palace.

It is said that the Queen, Prince of Wales, Prince William and Harry each had a series of calls on the very day it was announced. The monarch demanded them to present her a ‘workable solution’ within days and had aides provide them with options.

The Queen was also enraged as Prince Harry did not honor her wish to keep the negotiations of him breaking free to be private. Despite aides who urged them to show respect to their grandmother, they went on with the news. They have also had their Sussex Royal website set up since last March without telling the Queen.

Kate Middleton arrived at Kensington Palace for her 38th birthday celebration as a situation heats up in the Royal Palace.

While everyone was enraged, 12 hours later they began to cool down and began working on it with a clear head. The source said, “One of the things the family has learned over the years is that if you don’t move quickly and leave things like this that they fester. And that would benefit no-one in this case.”

The source continues to say, “Will they [the Sussexes] accept them or will they brief that they are being forced to do something against their will? And no-one knows the answer. Is there any version of a solution that they will deem acceptable?”

The two are currently abroad, but Harry is scheduled to return by next week and the Royal Family is working on a solution.

Meanwhile, the family showed union as they came together to celebrate and congratulate the Duchess of Cambridge’s 38th birthday.

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