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YouTuber Recreates Popular Celeb Pictures With Her Mid-Size Body


YouTuber Recreates Popular Celeb Pictures With Her Mid-Size Body

If Zendaya was 50 pounds heavier…

YouTuber Sierra Schultzzie is a confident, happy and unashamed mid-size Internet personality. And in one of her most recent videos, she worked with videographer @rubensamuelcortez, photographer @tonymoux, and producer @sky.p_ to recreate some of the most iconic female celebrities.

She also said, “I’m not trying to look like these celebrities. I’m just recreating the pose, the outfit, the photoshoot. It’s just gonna be me, Sierra, in a way I naturally am.”

While we at Green Lemon strictly are against promoting obesity, we like how Sierra is just having fun with others, recreating those iconic moments in her own image. It’s all about the ‘what ifs’!

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Sierra Schultzzie

#1 Zendaya

#2 Britney Spears

#3 A Star Is Born

#4 Victoria’s Secret

#5 Audrey Hepburn

#6 Rolling Stone

#7 Marilyn Monroe

#8 Victoria’s Secret

#9 WW2 Kissing Photo

#10 Kim Kardashian

#11 Ariana Grande

#12 Hers

#13 Beyonce

#14 Eva Gutowski

#15 Victoria’s Secret

#16 Cara Delevingne

#17 Serena Williams

#18 Justin Timberlake And Britney Spears

#19 Cosmopolitan

#20 Ashley Tisdale

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