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Scientist Explains What Walking Barefoot Does To Your Body


Scientist Explains What Walking Barefoot Does To Your Body

Earthing, what does it mean?

Running around barefoot is not something that people commonly do nowadays. In fact, it’s pretty unusual to see people no wearing any kind of footwear outdoor. Being barefooted can get you kicked out of certain places and create a negative impression on you.

But as children, maybe you can still remember the sensation of earth and grass against your feet.

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The first man to figure it out!

Eons ago, that was how people go by with their life – barefoot. Even when shoes and footwear have been invented, many still believe in earthing, which is to feel a direct connection with the earth through your skin.

As ridiculous as this may sound, Winfried Otto Schumann found out in 1952 that he found the electrical tension of earth. Our planet is a sphere with negative charged placed within a positively charged ionosphere.

His initial calculation was 10 Hz and together with scientist Herbert Konig, they reached a number which is 7.83 Hz. This is the number we know today as Schumann Resonance.

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Science is in favor of earthing.

Earthing positive impact has long been studied with great results. Multiple studies show it reduces pain, improves sleep, thins the blood, reduces inflammation, minimizes stress and cortisol levels, improves healing of muscle soreness, and parasympathetic systems (blood flow, respiration, oxygenation of the blood, pulse rate).

Most of the participants were asked to walk outdoor or on grounds directly connected to conductive devices. The health benefits that were confirmed were:

  • OSTEOPOROSIS: Participants had significant changes in the concentration of minerals and electrolytes in the blood on their first night. Less calcium and phosphorus were also detected in their urine which means the body absorbed them, reducing osteoporosis risks.
  • DIABETES MELLITUS: Participants who are all diagnosed with diabetes mellitus and non-insulin dependent showed decreased fasting glucose within 72 hours.

On the other hand, patients who are on thyroid medications were showing hyperthyroidism symptoms with an increase in thyroid hormone.

While the results are still tentative, more studies need to be conducted to better understand their impact on hepatic, hypothalamus, and pituitary gland.

Other benefits are improved walking coordination, leg strength, balance, etc.

Several things to know on getting started with earthing:

  • Don’t force yourself and build your walking habit slowly.
  • You can also wear minimalist shoes or socks when you start walking.
  • Watch out for rocky and even surfaces! The reason why people made and worse shoes were to protect our feet from glass, iron and gravel cuts.
  • Clean your feet thoroughly and trim the nails regularly.

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