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People Shared 16 Small Things That Scream “I’m Rich”


People Shared 16 Small Things That Scream “I’m Rich”

Late paycheck doesn’t anger them.

Some rich people’s behaviors cannot be comprehended by most people, and that’s just how it is. A Reddit user went on to ask what are some less visible things people do that are an actual sign that they’re more loaded than you think. Those plain, designer clothes, that half-a-million watch that isn’t Rolex… what else?


small things about rich people 2

“Having no clue what a gallon of milk should cost. $1? $5? $10?”SturgeonBass


“Lack of stress, eat out a lot, are never phased by surprises like “oh my tires punctured” “ovens broke” “I need a new boiler.” They can just get them.”PenPaperShotgun


“Spend money if it saves you time. Time is more valuable than money.”tocksin


“Working at a luxury resort, one thing I’ve noticed is that the people who want to give the air of being very wealthy will have lots of designer patterns on their clothes and accessories, like Louis Vuitton print, but almost all of the truly ridiculously wealthy people will basically wear nondescript leisurewear and really plain-looking clothes (like plain jeans and tees with no logos).”FartAttack911


small things about rich people 5

“Not thinking twice, when making plans, about whether you can afford it.”KindHearted_IceQueen


“SORT: PRICE: High to Low.”PhysicsDude55


“Buying art. And not Instagram art, but gallery dealer art.”Pie_is_pie_is_pie


small things about rich people 4

“An expensive watch that isn’t a Rolex. Rolexes are how rich people or not even rich but “had-a-good-year” show off wealth to poor people.

A truly wealthy person will have a Patek or AP Royal Oak or a Mueller, and not necessarily even a flashy one.”


“Perfect skin and good teeth. Rich people can afford to go to doctors and medical professionals for their appearance. I had a friend who worked for a skin doctor. He let her train on her friends with some new products, and apparently, it’s a thing where you go in on a regular basis, and your skin smooths out, all the weird spots go away, and you just glisten like Arwen or Galadriel. I did get to go in for one practice treatment, and the other folks waiting in the room had amazing skin. Ever since then, I could spot moneyed women just by their complexions. Also, a good number of them.. you can spot if you know fabrics really well and how they are supposed to drape when well made.”VapoursAndSpleen


small things about rich people 3

“If they pay with a black card, the rewards on those things are ridiculous and the criteria to get one is also ridiculous.”Bad_Parker5


“I don’t know if this is “small,” but Steve Jobs never had a license plate on his car. He’d always lease for five months and 29 days because, in California, you have to get a license plate within 6 months. His assistant would drop off his lease and pick up a new one. I used to live in the Bay Area and saw him leave Apple and head straight into the carpool lane at full speed. He never cared about getting ticketed.”Taney3


small things about rich people 1

“They will never complain about the cost of something but will nit-pick the quality of work to death.”weaselpoopcoff


“A friend of mine from the Catholic school where they wore uniforms said expensive belts and shoes were rich kid indicators. I guess it was a matter of degrees, it was an expensive school, so everyone was doing ok, but if a kid rocking To Boot New York kicks, their parents are balling.”MrBillyLotion


“If they refer to their vacation plans as “summering” somewhere.”alexrt87


“Not noticing you haven’t been paid in two months. I work with some people that pull in 20k+ a month. We had one come in mid-March and said, “I don’t think I’ve been paid since December.” Sure enough, two months didn’t payout for some reason.

He wasn’t even mad and just kind of mentioned it like he was talking about the weather. If I miss a paycheck, I’d notice on payday.”

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