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21 Crazy Things That Rich People Actually Do And We Regular People Can Only Be Dumbstruck


21 Crazy Things That Rich People Actually Do And We Regular People Can Only Be Dumbstruck

‘Regular’ rich people activities we can never comprehend.

What will you do if you get a million-dollar jackpot? Most of us would probably imagine getting a new home, car or setting sail on a cruise around the world. But those typical luxuries cannot even compare to the kind that those born with a silver spoon in their mouths or EARN a million dollars every month.

We can’t comprehend either, so we were really shocked to see that these things are real. These golden furnitures, elite villas and personal submerged ‘sunken ship’ are no joke.

1. This man has a personal ‘sunken ship’ site in his backyard.

© RedBarnGuy

2. The most expensive bathroom on Guinness Record.

This unknown man had Jeweller Lam Sai-wing built the world’s most luxurious and expensive bathroom in 2001. “The toilet bowls, washbasins, toilet brushes, toilet paper holders, mirror frames, wall-mounted chandeliers, wall tiles, and doors are all made out of solid 24-carat gold,” reads the record.

The ceiling has ruby, sapphire, emerald, and amber and its floors are embedded with gold bars. The inspiration is Lenin in 1921 who encouraged one to be built to remind people of the waste of capitalist warfare.

3. ‘Time to store summer furniture.’

© 7ofalltrades

4. Lost a pet? Get it back.

© Jiltedjohn

5. They say money can’t buy you happiness. Yes, it can.

© beastgunner

6. Thailand visa that allows you to basically freely enter, stay and even work there.

© Sixteenbit

7. Airbnb Luxe.

© 0utlawcountry

8. Highest class of travelling by air.

© bob-lob

9. Centurion is the peak of cards.

© Jackpot777
© wikipedia  

10. Got kidnapped? No worries, these people will work HARD to get you back.

© owenpoconnell

11. Prince of Saudi Arabia is a perfect example:

© durgadas

12. Madonna drinks of Kabbala-blessed water and spends $17,000 worth of water (it’s $5 a bottle).

© hermoments

13. And Lady Gaga is super scared of ghosts, particularly one named Ryan. She brings her $47,000 Electro Magnetic Field detector EVERYWHERE.

© cheapism

14. Get a guaranteed rain-free wedding day (or whatever celebration it is) with this service.

© VoteLymanZeigler2020

15. Watch movies currently airing on theaters at home.

© goldsendbitcoin

16. What a fine species!

© ward0630

17. Perfectly, square ice cubes.

© eternalrefuge86
© oddlysatisfying / Reddit  

18. Odorless, tasteless gold! For more golden poop!

© TinByn5Gin

19. Time.

© hahahahthunk

20. Flexing in a whole new godly level is Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal.

He bought the super-private jet dubbed Airbus A380 ‘Flying Palace’ which is worth more than $500 million. It has two dining rooms, has spaces for his horses and his Roll’s Royce along with 5 private bedrooms.

© richtopia

21. Get a land. Does nothing with it.

© witchwithflyinghead

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