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Younger Siblings Seem To Always Have The Knack To Be Funnier In A Family


Younger Siblings Seem To Always Have The Knack To Be Funnier In A Family

It seems natural.

A YouGov poll that includes 1,782 adults ask them how do they think about their personalities in relation to their siblings. It’s a poll that is looking into the correlation between birth order and personalities. The myth that we’ve always heard about siblings are now being revealed.

Younger siblings think they are the jokers of the family.

younger siblings funnier

We’ve all known that being the eldest seem to always make the first child to be more responsible and organized. But when you are not the first and the bottom of the all, at least 46% of them agree that they are often the funny guy in the household.

They also tend to be more relaxed and easy-going about things. Well, that’s what happens when you have a bunch of older people responsible for things.

younger siblings funnier 1

Clinical psychologist Linda Blair spoke to The Guardian, “You can’t clone people and put them in different birth order positions. So there isn’t much of what we call hard evidence.”

“But there will be certain tendencies. There is no other influence on us for as long in our lives. Our parents are unlikely to live for as long as our siblings.”

Plenty of comedians are the youngest child of the family, such as Eddie Murphy, Ellen De Generes and Jim Carrey.

eddie murphy 1

Although, some like Lena Dunham, Paul Merton and David Mitchell prove that they can be funny as well even if they are not the youngest.

So if you are the youngest and don’t feel like you’re funny, don’t sweat it. The poll was not supported with hard evidence and it only shows a percentage of 46% which is less than half! Parents can also purchase books and help ease their children who don’t think they are showing the ‘typical’ personalities of their order in siblings.

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