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Mother-Of-Three Become An Internet Sensation With A Super-Speedy Cleaning Solution


Mother-Of-Three Become An Internet Sensation With A Super-Speedy Cleaning Solution

No more, no less.

With still more women predicted to still be responsible for housework and child-rearing, The Organised Mum Method (TOMM) has released their secret to allowing mom spending only half an hour in cleaning the house daily.

Yes, scrubbing the bath, sweeping, mopping, dusting, everything in 30 minutes WITHOUT spring cleaning ever needed.

daily 30 minute blitz secret spotless home 1

Dedicate one day for one area.

The first secret is to dedicate 30 minutes each day to a specific area in your home. For example, Monday can be for the bedrooms, Tuesday for the kitchen, Wednesday for the living room, so on and so forth. Friday should be your deep cleaning session for hard to reach nooks and crannies.

An additional 15 minutes can be added to daily chores such as making the beds, unloading your laundries or a quick sweep around the kitchen.

daily 30 minute blitz secret spotless home 2

No distractions!

Another big secret to getting everything done within half an hour is to truly focus that half an hour for cleaning. You can tune in to your favorite songs, but don’t let texting, social media or the TV to distract you. But after that 30 minutes, promise yourself to not go longer.

30 minutes, no more, no less. Okay, so give or take 15 minutes more the usual daily things such as dishwashing, making the beds, etc. But no more than this. 45 minutes max for a day.

Kept, binned, or donated?

Next is to decide whether the items you keep are really worth keeping.

Antonia Hoyle who tried the method and wrote about it on DailyMail explained that this might be a tough one for some. Being a hoarder, it’s hard to decide what items you really don’t need. But after two days with a lot of contemplation, she and her two kids managed it.

At ‘six bin bags lighter’, the family finally gets to enjoy the full sight of the rug they may have forgotten was there.

Use the ‘one-touch policy’ where you decide what to do with something without putting it down again. This way, you prevent procrastinating decision-making and get things done faster.

daily 30 minute blitz secret spotless home 3

The deep cleaning.

TOMMers (as how cult followers of the 30-minute blitz cleaning steps are called) can divide the areas for deep cleaning into several areas: children’s rooms, living room, kitchen, bathrooms, the master bedroom, entrance hall and stairs, a miscellaneous room and the garden or outside space.

Basically, you give your utmost dedication to cleaning the specks and areas you didn’t reach during the weekdays. Maybe you missed a drawer or two. Maybe it’s time to get under that furniture and see what disgusting things you can get rid of.

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