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Women Play ‘Never Have I Ever’ Using Female Realities And It’s Shocking


Women Play ‘Never Have I Ever’ Using Female Realities And It’s Shocking

An emotional rollercoaster.

TikTok user Sarah Biggers-Stewart went viral recently with her ‘Never Have I Ever’ TikTok video. She did it with female realities that make women put a finger down on the most shocking things that a lot of men didn’t know happened to them.

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She first shared the video on early May and usually shares videos on girls talk. But this one hit really differently.


This is crazy 😳 DUET THIS AND SHARE, I want to follow along ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾 #feminism #girltalk #realtalk #alwayslearning #fyp

♬ original sound – thebiggersthebetter

In a few hours, she saw a few duets but by the next day, it was viraling. One of those people is this brave woman.


♬ original sound – thebiggersthebetter

There are most than 10,000 videos now and it’s really saddening to see a lot of them having left with no more than 3 fingers up.

Sarah shares that she’s glad her social media had become an outlet for other women to share their stories, too. But she was also shocked with the impact of her ‘game’, calling it “surreal and haunting”.

It’s also eye-opening to see that people of different backgrounds, skin color, race, experience the same horrific experience.


dark truth. You’re not alone . #fy #fyp #fup #xyzbca #dontletthisflop #tiktokmalaysia #tiktok #women #yourenotalone

♬ original sound – thebiggersthebetter

Doesn’t matter if you dress cute and chic or cool and sassy. You’re still susceptible to be a victim.

Even men are surprised with how common this is, like how this woman broke down as her man couldn’t believe what he’s seeing.

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