'Giant Baby' Who Went Viral On TikTok is Mocked On Social Media

‘Giant Baby’ Who Went Viral On TikTok is Mocked On Social Media

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A giant baby has gone viral on TikTok as some users are labeling him with harsh comments, uttering they’re repulsive by the boy.

The baby, a three-year-old named Gavin is quite big for his age at 43’ tall and equally has a young-looking face, a big thanks to a typically hairless head.

Mom of Giant Baby boy hits back at TikTok users who dubbed son repulsive, saying he’s what he is and blessed with a thick skin


So when Gavin’s mom, identified as Kat started uploading videos of him to TikTok, they instantly garnered attentions from viewers who couldn’t just get over how big Gavin is.


Kat, residing in the Midwestern United States, reported that her youngest has actually been big, adding that they’ve gone for regular doctor’s check-up and has been off the charts since after birth.

Amid the pandemic, Caleb, who’s Kat 16-year-old son introduced her to TikTok and immediately started uploading clips of Gavin on the app.

‘I woke up on a Sunday and I told my husband, I am going to make him popular and it did happened.’ Kat said.


Fortunately, the clips of Gavin quickly went viral, garnering hundreds of thousands viewers. A footage in particular has been viewed over 10.7million times and in it Gavin was spotted wearing a white underwear while sitting on his dad’s back.


He was seen jumping and dancing on his dad, smiling and giggling. Reacting, some users comments were sweet, dubbing Gavin ‘cute or adorable’ while some were undeniably negative responses.

The cruel comments outshined the positive ones to the extent that a few had to keyed in to share their antipathy with the negativity.

Interestingly, Kat on seeing the harsh remarks hits back, saying: ‘Some are harsh and even a bit mean about the whole thing. He’s, however, what he is. We are blessed with thick skin, so it’s no big deal to us. We know he’s brought joy to a lot of people and I wish to have a mom-cam on since I can’t capture all that he does.’