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‘Startled’ Mother Gives Birth To A 14.5 lbs Baby And She Did It Normally


‘Startled’ Mother Gives Birth To A 14.5 lbs Baby And She Did It Normally

She’s HUGE!

An Australian mother was shocked when she saw her baby. She gave birth to Willow Amey, her second daughter, naturally and turns out Willow weighed at 6.6 kg or 14.5 lbs, making her the biggest baby to be ever born in Victoria. 7News Melbourne reports that both baby and mom are in healthy condition.

How big is 6.6 kg you asked? Well, that’s about twice the size of the average baby born in Australia. But Melis reveals that it was not exactly a huge surprise to her because it runs in the family. She previously gave birth to her first girl at 5.6kg or about 12.3 lbs. Still, 6.6 kg…

“I was like… Oh, no…” Melis spoke to 7News. Glenda Amey, her grandmother, also added that Willow was ‘absolutely huge’.

Previously, the record was held by Maoama Ala who was born at 6.3 kg in 2018 through a C-section because he was too big for his mother, Teu Ala. People thought that she was having twins.

Miles, who was originally a Thai, joked that Willow won’t be wearing her newborn clothes.

However, big does not always mean good. Being bigger than the average means that the baby could pose problems to the baby according Dr. Kristin Atkins, a maternal and fetal medicine specialist from University of Maryland School of Medicine.

The size can become a problem when the mother chose to give birth naturally as the shoulders could get stuck under the pelvic bones. Sometimes, the baby can have trouble breathing due to this issue or develop thick heart muscles abnormally.

But Wilson has been reported to be doing well at her home with her family!

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A girl born to a Boronia couple could be the biggest baby ever born in Victoria. Willow Amey weighs 6.6 kilos, dwarfing the other newborns on her

Posted by 7NEWS Melbourne on Friday, March 13, 2020

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