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Mom Resorts To Making Her Own Toilet Roll After Four Unsuccessful Visits To The Supermarket


Mom Resorts To Making Her Own Toilet Roll After Four Unsuccessful Visits To The Supermarket

She did hers with microfibre cloths valued for around $10 from Bunnings!

After four unsuccessful trips to get toilet rolls at the supermarket, a mum has resorted to making hers with just $19. Taking to Facebook, the Australian mom revealed she had to find a solution because she’s living in a women’s household.

‘I discovered my final solution at Bunnings and I just made 80 of this microfiber stuff. After it’s used, they go straight into a bucket of bleach with a lid on it, sitting beside the toilet.’ The mom wrote.

An Australian mom resorted to making her own toilet paper, valued at just $19 after four unsuccessful trips to get toilet roll at the supermarket

The woman also revealed that when the bucket is filled with the cloths, she sticks them all into a washing machine in a separate load with Napisan. ‘A pack of 20 microfiber cloths from Bunnings is valued at $11.95.’ The woman added.

In making the clothes, the woman said she cut them into quarters and ‘ overlocked the raw edges, ‘ meaning she got about 80 out of the 20 cloths and paid 15 cents each. ‘The small bucket with the lid cost $6.50 from Bunnings.’

While the mum admitted that her current situation with toilet paper is far from perfect, she further revealed it has its benefits insofar as it is environmentally friendly, reusable and eliminates flushing-which means they can save on water.

‘Currently, our household saves about 25 flushes daily, so I can justify washing  a small load every couple of days.’ The woman said. The mum added that she initially thought of using old towels, but realized that microfiber is ‘ softer for feminine bits and dries faster.’

‘If we were all able to do that, it would reduce the need for toilet paper, save us all money in the long run and be safer for the world.’ Nevertheless, the woman’s post was met with a massive online response, where people immediately praised her for her brilliant idea.

Good on you to do this, it is an absolutely brilliant idea.’ A user posted.

Another said: ‘It’s about time somebody put this situation in perspective and found out that our fingertips have plenty of alternatives. Great work.’

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