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People Are Making Funny Faces By Adding Tiny Noses And Mouths In A Latest Hilarious TikTok Trend


People Are Making Funny Faces By Adding Tiny Noses And Mouths In A Latest Hilarious TikTok Trend

The latest craze to hit the internet!

TikTok has recently become the starting point of numerous internet crazes, ranging from the Savage challenge to the viral Don’t Rush Challenge. One of the latest recent trends to become well-recognized on the app was born out of individuals putting on scarves and masks while also covering up the lower half of their faces.

And since their mouths are hidden, users are painting small noses and mouths to make it appear like they have tiny faces. Titled the ‘Tiny Face Challenge’ TikTok users painted miniature noses and mouths above their scarves or perhaps masks, revealing bizarre looks with two mouths.

The outcome of the ongoing trend is quite weird and the combination of a smaller and larger face is downright disturbing. One user, Erica Loren’s showed viewers how the transformation from a normal-sized face happens to become tiny. As Loren gives out a full tutorial on how to establish the tiny face, other users flooded in and joined the trend.

The aftermath of her makeup didn’t become apparent until Loren covered the lower half of her face. While the blob of red instantly transformed into lips, Candice Shaw-Landsberg, on the other hand, focused on the conclusion of her tiny face challenge in her clip.

Candice managed to successfully make her nose appear like a moving mouth, establishing an illusion that her face is very small than it is. Specifically, making a convincing nose appears to be the most challenging part of the viral trend. A survey of the challenge revealed that those who participated appeared to spend the most time on sketching their fake noses. The most convincing noses had shading added to them.


Sorry for the nightmares xoxo I hate the internet #fyp #tinyfacechallenge

♬ original sound – mollylee31

Another User, Gabby Williams went on to add a fake nose piercing to her tiny face, granting it more visible entail. Skyegrrl went on to show how much goes into creating a precise note, whipping out makeup pencils and brushes to create her tiny face. A few are even cosplaying as they’re also transforming into other people.


Challenge accepted @jaimefrench – #tinyfacechallenge #makeup #model #comedy

♬ original sound – skyegrrl

For example, Stephany Flamenco used the viral challenge to make herself appear like Rosa. The audio of Adam RayOkay in the background makes the clip even appear more authentic.

Hunter’s beauty equally made herself appear like a bride of Chucky with the challenge. The tiny face makes her character appear creepy.

Nevertheless, it appears the tiny challenge is here to stay, therefore get prepared to get more tiny faces coming out of TikTok.

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