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Girl On TikTok With Autism Goes Viral For Talking On How Autism Is Different In Women


Girl On TikTok With Autism Goes Viral For Talking On How Autism Is Different In Women

This is so powerful Layle, You go girl!

19-Year-Old Eyelash technician, Paige Layle from Ontario, Canada has autism, but a lot of people around her believe she doesn’t.

Paige gets a lot of saying that she’s good-looking and that nothing can be wrong with her. ‘I want to tell the world that mental illness is really diverse.’ Paige revealed.

To spread more awareness about autism, Layle in an interview with Buzzfeed revealed she started uploading educational videos on TikTok.


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‘I chose to start making videos because of audio that went all viral on TikTok making fun of autistic people. I hated it and I felt like many people don’t understand how many people are autistic.’ Paige explained.

Uploading a four-part series, revealing how autism works and how the condition presents in a different way in women than in men, Paige talked about how girls are being diagnosed with autism a lot later than males, mainly because they’re best at hiding the traits.

She said in the video: ‘At 15, I got diagnosed and that’s considered quite early for a girl. I had a guy friend who was also autistic and he was just two.’  Paige went on to discuss the broad spectrum of autism traits in girls. Paige is overly social and performs effectively in social events, including having much eye contact, which contrast believe that people with autism are antisocial.

‘It’s quite common for girls with autism to have other related mental disabilities and disorders. I have seven in total.’ Paige revealed. In one of her videos, she expressed her feeling of high functioning and low functioning. ‘High functioning is specifically a label for ‘Oh, your autism doesn’t affect me much.’

Paige continued: ‘The diagnosis at age 14 changed my life for the good. I understood myself better – beneficial for school, work, and social events and importantly for being alone. I now function effectively and understand my feelings much better.’

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