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Woman Warns People Who Is Getting A Dog: “Imagine Yourself 10+ Years From Now”


Woman Warns People Who Is Getting A Dog: “Imagine Yourself 10+ Years From Now”

“If you can’t handle the end of their life, don’t do it.”

You often see kids begging their parents to get a puppy or kitten. It’s easy to see why they want them – these adorable fur babies love to play, cuddle, and have eyes that seem to love you the moment they saw you.

But as we get older, we learn that having a dog or cat is more than just feeding and playing with them when we want to. They are also living with their own needs and will. It was author Brittany Tarkington who decided to pen a post about the facts of being a dog owner.

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Her bittersweet journey of being with Winnie, her dog, pushed her to write this beautiful Facebook post.

Brittany Tarkington

Writing about her first time meeting Winnie, Brittany wrote, “I was adamant; we were going to see her. She ran straight to the car, and after a small talk, she was in my lap headed home with my mom and me.”

“‘Roxie or Winnie?’ I asked my mom. She replied, ‘She doesn’t look like a Roxie.’ Winnie it was. That was the first time Winnie gave us her look.”

“I’ve seen it a million times, and it’s one I’ll wish I could see forever. Her eyes were the most expressive things on this planet. I could read every thought with that single look.”

Brittany and Winnie continued on a life journey together for more than 12 years. As the best-seller author eventually has her own family, Winnie was still very much a major part of her life.

One day after she posted the story, Winnie made her way to dog heaven.

She added that while her younger years were full of energy, her senior years were different. “Your face turned white, your energy dimmed, but you were wise in a way most wouldn’t understand. It wasn’t always easy, but I would do it a million times over just to be with you.”

We will always outlive our dogs and cats. To us, they are part of the family among many others – our partner, kids, parents, siblings, etc. But as a wise man once said, to them we are their whole world. There is nothing in this world they wouldn’t give for us, just like how they’d live and die next to us.

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