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30 Dads Who Didn’t Want to Have Pets but Then Couldn’t Live Without Them


30 Dads Who Didn’t Want to Have Pets but Then Couldn’t Live Without Them

Hilarious dads!

There are a whole bunch of jokes surfing around the internet about just how much dads adore their new pets and how easily they forget that “never ever” that they swore, days ago.

We have compiled solid evidence, that busted the dads who shouted the loudest but now love their little furballs more than they love their kids.

Turns out, the emotional connection between middle-aged men and pets is not just in our heads and science supports us. Chris Blazina, a psychologist and professor at New Mexico State University College of Education, researches the emotional and psychological connection between men and dogs.

Chris says that “If your dad appears to love the new family pet more than his kids, it may just be so. “In one study, 45% of middle-aged men were more likely to turn to their dogs in times of emotional support than any other connection—parents, friends, siblings, and adult children; the only bond that rivaled the one with a dog was their significant other”. Check out these cute dad-pets intimate photos

1. Caught dad Hugging The Giant Dog He Didn’t Want, while also singing his favourite Song


#2. “We certainly Can’t Keep It”, said Dad 10 Months Ago


#3. No dogs!


#4. Dad: We Are Not Keeping That Feral Cat. Also Dad: I Built A Heated Cat House With a A Surveillance Camera So We Can Make Sure She’s Home Safe Every Night


#5. As a Kid, Dad Never Let Me Have A Pet . Now, This Is Him Dragging My Cat In A Box He Named The “Kitty Express” While Making Train Noises. He’s Having a Blast


#6 Dad Went From “You’re Taking Him With You When You Leave.” To “Are You Really Gonna Take Him With You??”


#7 “I’ll Step On Him If He Ever Gets On My Way,” He Said.


#8 Dad: ” House Rules, No Pets Allowed!” Also Dad: No one Disturbs the Kitty!


#9 He’s Never Been A Dog Person. And Now Dad Tags Yuki In All His Sailing Trips.


#10 He Was Never A Dog Person. Four Days After Adopting Her, She Helped Him Recover From A Stroke.


#11 It Took 3 Years To Convince Him. When He finally Agreed It Was On Condition The Pup Wasn’t Allowed On The Bed Or Furniture. This Is Now What I Wake Up To Every Morning


#12 My Dad Went From “I Don’t Want That Dang Cat” To Carrying Her To Bed Each Night


#13 He Was Never a Cat Person But Now Skin To Fur Is The Best Way To Connect


#14 Dad Didn’t want A Dog. But Now He Puts Him In My Childhood Dress He Kept For His First Grand Daughter- Amusing


#15 My dad went from “That Brown Dog” To “Doc Brown Wants To Stay With Me When You Move Out.” We eventually moved. This is Their Happy Reunion After About 6 Months.


#16 Dad – “I Dont Want A Dog!” Also Dad – “Gaston Needs His Own Bed And A Night Lamp”


#17 Dad: Dogs Are Not Allowed In This House. Also Dad:


#18 Dad Didn’t Want A Dog. Now They Are Best of Buddies


#19 Dad said “We Are Not Keeping The Cat” And Then Bonded With Her. We Think He Now Loves Her The Most.


#20 My Father, Who Used To Hate Cats, And Linus, My Cat


#21 In 7 Months Dad Moved From “We’re Not Getting A Dog. Period.” To This


#22 My Dad: Can We Return It??? If We Keep It, I Want Nothing To Do With It. My Dad, Few Days Later out Loud: “Let’s Move This Pillow To Give You More Room. Are You Comfy? Let’s Read Together”


#23 My Dad Didn’t Want A Dog. I Watched Him Cry At The Shelter When This Guy Sat On His Lap. Welcome Home Beni.


#24 Hubby Was Never A Cat Person. Now He Tells Me How They Individually Like To Be Pet, And They All Behave And Don’t Fight When Sitting By Daddy.


#25. For The Longest Time Hubby Would Not Let Me Get A Kitty. He Now Gives The Kitten A Dab Of Cream Cheese Every Morning And Naps With Him On The Couch.


#26 I Wasn’t Keen On Getting Cats,I Now Watch Videos For Cats With Luna At Least Once A Day


#27. My Husband, The Life Long Cat Hater Resisted When I wanted To Bring Crookshanks Home. Six Months In, The Pair Has Grown Inseparable. He Often Remarks That Crook Is The Weirdest Dog He’s Ever Had


#28  My Dad Said No To Dogs Ever Again After Our Last One DiedSeveral Years Ago. My Mom Has Always Wanted A Dachshund. He Recently Realized That “Life Is Too Short Not To Try To Make Her Smile Every Day”


#29 My Pops Is Less Grumpy When Around The Cat.


#30 Dad Complains That Remus Lays In His Lap Anytime He Sits Down. The Smile I Got After Saying How Jealous I Am


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