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Woman Sparks Outrage After Sharing A Video She Was Sent Of Her BFF And BF Dancing Together


Woman Sparks Outrage After Sharing A Video She Was Sent Of Her BFF And BF Dancing Together

It looks innocent, but Sophie might have to keep an eye out.

Sophie, who goes by the name @sophly2 on TikTok, was sent a video of her best friend and boyfriend interacting before questioning if she should be concerned by their behavior. In the video [now-viral], her best friend was seen making herself a drink before Sophie’s BF came up to her and danced at what appears to be a party. 

As the pair danced to the music, they laughed before turning towards the camera. 

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The video has since sparked outrage, with many asking whether they were a little too close for comfort. 

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“Someone sent me this video of my best friend and my boyfriend. Little too close for comfort? Sophie wrote on the clip and captioned it: “Sketchy??? Help.” As of this time of writing, it’s been viewed over 5million times, with hundreds of viewers taking to the comments. Many people have suggested that the interaction between Sophie’s best friend and her BF was innocent and shouldn’t be considered a red flag. 

@sophly2 Sketchy??? Help #fyp original sound – S

One person wrote: “He didn’t even flinch when he saw the camera. His intentions were pure.”

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Another said: “I think they look like they just genuinely like each other, doesn’t seem shady,” A third added that the behavior was completely fine, while a fourth suggested she wanted her partner and best friend to be that way. A few pointed out the issue wasn’t with the behavior displayed by Sophie’s boyfriend and best friend, but rather the person who filmed the interaction.

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“The person who sent you this video is the problem,” One person claimed. Another said: “Whoever sent you this wants to start a problem. While a third stated: “I’d be more worried about the person sending this.” Even though Sophie was urged to be wary, some people agreed there was nothing wrong with the interaction and that the pair were having fun. 

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