“My Best Friend And I Share A Baby Daddy – We’re Due One Month Apart, And I’m So Glad We’ll Be A Family”

‘I’m Sharing A Baby Daddy With My Best Friend – We’re Due Just A Month Apart’

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This title description has left internet users baffled, and so far, people have been sharing their bemusement. A mom recently shares that she and her best friend expect their babies one month apart and will have the same dad. The unidentified woman posted a photo of herself with the best friend as she shared the news with family and loved ones. “I am happy to say that I’m sharing a baby daddy with my friend.” The woman caption reads. 

A mom-to-be sparked outrage online after sharing a photo of herself and her best friend expecting babies one month apart and claimed they would have the same dad.

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She added: “She will be due in December, and I will be due in January. If it was anybody else, I woulda fought, but we are family FR; I love youuu. This isn’t how I wanted to tell everyone, but what better day to announce than today? I always knew our kids would be best friends like us (sic).” The post has since migrated to Reddit and expectedly has been inundated with reactions.

“If it was anybody else, I woulda fought, but we are family FR; I love you.” The woman wrote.


“It’s a bit weird, maybe a bit if they are happy with the arrangement, good for them.” One user wrote. A second said: “Is it trashy, or are they making lemonade out of lemons.” A few people felt touched by the arrangement and hope the father figure will be wonderful. “Good luck with the complicated a** relationship.” One said. Another added: “I am sure he will be a wonderful father figure for the both of them.” A third acknowledged that the act is total loyalty. 

In your opinion, is this weird or heartwarming?