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Woman Shared Adorable Moment Dog Recognize Sister From The Same Litter And Hugs Her


Woman Shared Adorable Moment Dog Recognize Sister From The Same Litter And Hugs Her

An unconventional gesture but nonetheless extremely priceless!

Let’s talk about the mutt emotional reunion!

Libby Pincher recently got the internet after sharing a heart-melting story of two dogs who reunited while out for a walk. The two dogs who were from the same litter hadn’t seen each other since being re-homed.

Taking to Twitter to share the adorable moment, Pincher from Bishop Auckland, County Durham explained she had received a message from her dad about their friend, identified as Dave who was also walking his black miniature poodle. Uploading cute photos of the incidence, Pincher captioned it: ‘Please here’s what my dad sent to me this morning. I can’t even.’ Along with a crying emoji.

In the message sent to Pincher, her dad had written: ‘Dave was walking his dog and in front of him was a pair walking towards him with a white counterpart of his dog. Turned out, they are siblings from the same litter. And instead of just playing, here’s what they did.’ The text exchange got accompanied by two photos of the poodles on their hind legs with their paws tightly fixed around each other.

Shortly after sharing the post, hundreds of internet users flocked to the comments, reacting positively to the emotional reunion. The tweet, garnering over 710, 000 likes and over 150,000 shares had a user, who commented saying: ‘OMG. This brought tears to my eye.’ Another commented that the images are so adorable while a third said: ‘I don’t have to weep this hard.

However, dogs from the same litter, who stay for together for three months, according to experts from Pets4Homes  can possibly recognize each other in the nearest future, but more likely to occur if they meet before the age of 6 and 7.

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