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30 Wholesome Dog Posts That Will Immediately Make Your Day Better


30 Wholesome Dog Posts That Will Immediately Make Your Day Better

Can I have them all?!

Dogs are such amazing creatures with their knack of making people smiles in any kind of situation. These four-legged creatures have that special heart that show unconditional love to the people who show them the same.

It’s Valentine’s Day and even though you don’t have that special person, your dog may have more love than you can ever handle your whole life. Greenlemon firmly believes in that and we know all these pictures are going to do is make you smile uncontrollably like a madman!

1. This pelican is bestfriend with the stray dog. It was later adopted, but is often brought back here to meet Petey the Pelican, his bestfriend.


2. Leonard jumped on his owner and licked his face at 5am even though he’s never done that. Turns out the fire alarm went off and smoke was covering the hallway of the apartment complex. Everyone’s safe.


3. He kicked cancer’s ass.


4. This pitbull showed his teddy to the other dog next to his car.


5. Friends even during the toughest times.


6. He was so sad. But now, he can’t stop smiling after he knew he’s saved.

Dallas Dog

7. Fifteen years together and still counting.


8. Jasper the neighbor’s dog often sees me with a toy in his mouth. I can’t go out much due to health issues and Jasper once brought out three toys with a stick at once. Be like Jasper.


9. Three years later, same boot, more growing to look forward.


10. When you want a doggo so bad and your neighbor has one:


11. These dogs waited patiently for a homeless man that was admitted for an illness at 3 am.

Cris Mamprim

12. Your bud won’t leave you alone even during your time-out.


13. Aw, look at that wink! Proud mom of two!


14. This kind woman gave her jacket to the dog who had to wait outside of the post office in the cold.

15. Floyd is born with cerebral hypoplasia that doesn’t allow him to walk well. But he fits in the hiking pack, so here’s him enjoying his first hike!


16. This blind and deaf dog always comforts new foster animals that came home.


17. Got a new puppy yesterday and told son, 4, to put him to bed. Came back to this.


18. That’s his favorite spot.


19. Gus was given a reconstructive surgery.


20. This beautiful scene of true love.


21. I have to pick one… says no one ever.


22. Luna’s the star of the neighborhood.


23. This greyhound is skittish and is always suspicious of us even after months of adoption. But she finally decided to make the initiation to cuddle tonight and it’s just too beautiful.


24. Got doggo to guard the house. But apparently, doggo loves belly rubs a lot.


25. Tortoise is part of the great dane litter.


26. Friend lives above a punk bar. Here’s doggo hanging out with fans.


27. Neighbor’s good boy found a moth.


28. “Adopted a dog yesterday.”


29. Andy has spent the past 8 years sleeping in bed with owner, but he still puts his head on the edge of the bed to ask for permission.


30. Reba has spent two years on cutting down some weight and she’s now lost half of it!


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