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30 Amazing Dogs Transformation Before And After They’re Adopted


30 Amazing Dogs Transformation Before And After They’re Adopted

Hope is still there.

The world still have hope – humanity still have hope! We often read, listen and see cruel stories of how people treat dogs. When all dogs do are being loyal and affectionate to their owner, the right thing would be to do the same thing to them.

But don’t worry, we won’t be talking about the evil. Even when more than 600k dogs are euthanized every year in the US alone, there are still dogs who managed to find a furever home and family.

These before and after adoption pictures of the dogs assure Greenlemon that there are still kind men out there.

1. This golden was rescued by a Korean family and gain 45 lbs from 15 lbs.


2. This gorgeous mom with her puppies three and a half years ago vs. now.


3. Anna was a street dog in Italy and is brought home to Germany. She’s now friends with Iluq!


4. This shelter’s before and after story is beautiful.


5. Puppy was found with fleas 3 months ago. Sky is now a happy pupper.


6. When girl took her first step into the shelter, she immediately whispered to her, “You’re okay… We’ll take you home and keep you safe. We love you already.”


7. Puppy suffered severe case of mange and has been living in the dumpster. Three months later…!


8. Gus Gus survived meat trade in china and is vacationing in Tahoe.


9. Look what time and love can do to a beautiful dog.


10. Foster doggo Nic is looking ready for a new home!


11. Because of her cropped ears and scary face, people don’t want him. But now, Bronco has a home and is well fed!


12. Rambo was left by previous owner and tied to a dark shed by new owners. But he’s definitely happy now.


13. Ruthie is 16 years old. And just because they are old, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a home!


14. Timmy was hit on the head with a blunt object by racing trainer. He survived surgery for broken skull and went through therapy for his legs with TLC, Timmy is now happy in his new home!


15. Lucia was rescued from a hoarder and she’s a curious dog. But she was always terrified. Two years in, she’s now fluffy, fat and happy.


16. This pup that looked like a skeleton grew up into a gorgeous, smiling girl.


17. Phyllis was adopted at 13 years old! She was emaciated, flea anemic with a 5lbs tumor. She made through ALL that!


18. Barkley when rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico vs. now.


19. Adopted her 4 years ago when she was covered in blisters with no hair and in starvation.


20. Rescued a gorgeous dog last night, two hours later…


21. Dobby was rescued a few months ago after she was neglected by previous owners. She gets a lot of food and love and look at this beauty.


22. Neighbors abandoned their dog for a new puppy. I only knew this a month later at the shelter. Missy, on the left, when she realized she’s been dumped vs. a homed Missy.


23. Casey is a senior dog that was used for breeding with a huge tumor. She survived, although blinded.


24. Dex have been left to die on the streets of Austin. It took 10 weeks to get him back to health and now the pug is in a loving home.


25. Ruth was a breeding dog and dumped while tied to a fence during the summer heat of July. She is a sweet little thing and is now spoiled rotten.


26. This pug was raised by a trucker who don’t know how to care for him. A vet did not diagnose him correctly, everything’s fine now!


27. This adorable litter girl was about to be tossed by a breeder. But Yumi is not a happy and loved girl.


28. This puppy was left with a zip tightened around his jaw. He’s now okay at his new forever home.


29. So, this doggo checked into a hotel in Nepal and never checked out.


30. She suffered from Mange and couldn’t care for her puppies. She now has a full closet of bandanas of every color and is rocking the mountains.


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