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Woman Lives In Her Car To Beat The Housing Crisis, Shows How She Blends In


Woman Lives In Her Car To Beat The Housing Crisis, Shows How She Blends In

A day in the life of Nikita and her Honda Civic.

Nikita Crump makes a living through her content, but just a year ago, she lives in her car, works two jobs, and makes content to grow her TikTok platform. She is part of the “Van Life” movement advocate in her bid to fight off the housing crisis and live a better life.

Now she shares about her life with her 1 million followers on TikTok and how she “blends” in with her Honda Civic.

But she didn’t start living in her car because she wanted to. Nikita was struggling with her bills and paying rent on time. But despite working hard on two jobs simultaneously, she couldn’t pay off her debt. So she decided to take the plunge and just live in her car.

By late 2019, she’s completely moved into her vehicle and prevented further financial losses. And now, she shares tips with others who want to live a similar, more carefree life.

Her car is well-equipped to be a comfortable place for her to live and sleep in. She showed in one of her viral videos how her car windows have covers that she put up at nighttime to prevent anyone from looking in. The handmade covers “are effective when it comes to stealth, safety, and insulation.”

And the result is a “totally inconspicuous” parked car. She said, “Nobody knows I’m in here.”

She also shared how she hunts for a place to park her car. Typically, she uses satellite view on Google Maps to locate a “nice” neighborhood where the properties brag huge areas, which usually include swimming pools. If the parking lot is vacant, she moves in at nighttime to check it out.

In a recent video, she shared about the place she was temporarily parking in, “The neighborhood is clean, nice and quiet — and I can blend in.”

She also showed a day in her life as a “homeless” content creator.

Nikita made her “bed,” folded the sheets to start her day, and took off the window covers. She went to Planet Fitness, which parking lot she slept in, to wash up and had her toiletries with her. She got her breakfast and returned to her car to eat on her steering wheel with a makeshift table.

She stopped at a laundromat on her way to Oregon to get her laundry done and shared, “I always fold my laundry in the laundromat — that is not something that I’m trying to do in my car.”

She also showed how she has everything that “just makes sense for homeless life” stored in her trunk; portable charging devices, storage containers, etc.

She shared, “I’ve been homeless by definition most of my adult life. I’ve even lived in my car before, briefly. So I’m not that unfamiliar with being in uncomfortable situations and being homeless.”

Some people think her life looks “so lonely,” but there are those who praise her for her “resilience.” One wrote, “Supporting your journey through and through!”

Another thanked her for her tips and wrote, “Thank you for this. I need to leave my place unexpectedly. This is unbelievably helpful.”

Her life is different from most, but she’s definitely content with it!

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