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Van Users Are Sharing A Tour Of Their Space-Saving Lifestyle And It’s Viral


Van Users Are Sharing A Tour Of Their Space-Saving Lifestyle And It’s Viral

We can only dream… or maybe…?

Before a civilized community and the notion of countries, human beings used to live lives with a nomadic lifestyle. There are still a select group of people who lead this life, but for thousands of years, men have adopted, in general, a lifestyle of staying in one place, ensuring resources are sustainable while doing so.

Recently, the nomadic lifestyle has gained popularity again! This lifestyle gets easier to lead as people turn their RVs, vans, and even school bus into a home. A lot of us may have dreamed about staying in a comfy, moving home, but these people are living the life.

What’s even better is they are sharing TikTok tours on their mobile homes! Check out Ginther’s home.

Athereal Rose shows off her home beginning from the back of her van.

Meanwhile Lauren Gardenbelle has a bus converted into a comfy home.

Others share their renovation progress, like Deanna Dunn here!

Danielle and Tommy summed up their two and a half years of renovation in a one-minute TikTok video.

Bus life has been the dream of Fiorella and Zach. Finally, here they are after a painting project.

Others even give specific tips on how they save space while living on a vehicle. Here’s Francesca and Nicolas’ tips on storing clothes.

It’s all adding functional items in every corner. Like what Danielle and Tommy do with their cutting board.

It’s about making space wherever you can. I mean, these ideas by Britt and Holden just makes total sense!

We are just truly at awe with how organized Court and Nate are while teaching people how to keep their things from rolling over.

A lot of us probably live in an apartment, with our parents, or even a home. But honestly, all these smart contraptions, space-saving ideas and designs are to be envied of. Smart design, space saving, yet still elegant and nice to look at.

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