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Woman, 67, Becomes The ‘World’s Oldest Mother’ To Conceive Naturally


Woman, 67, Becomes The ‘World’s Oldest Mother’ To Conceive Naturally

When childbirth becomes a blessing and a curse!

A Chinese Woman, 67, has given birth to a girl, with her and her husband dubbed as the country’s oldest couple to conceive naturally.

‘The child was given to us by heaven.’ Surnamed Huang, 68, -Tian’s husband told the Chinese news site,

Surnamed Tian, a Pensioner gave birth to a bouncing healthy baby girl, The Zaozhuang City’s Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital affirmed this on Monday, 28th October.

Surnamed Tian, a Pensioner gave birth to a bouncing healthy baby girl

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A midwife hands Huang, 68, his newborn daughter in Zaozhuang city’s Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital, China

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Tian was pushed out of the operating theatre after giving birth to a 5.6lb healthy girl

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With claims proving to be true, Tian could be the world’s oldest woman to give birth to a baby after conceiving naturally, beating down the last record holder.

The couple’s daughter weighs 2,560 grams at birth and named Tianci – implying a gift from heaven.  The predicted world’s oldest mother had told Jinan Times that she discovered she was pregnant after going in for a health check.

‘I didn’t want it, initially.’ Tian told the newspaper.

She might be the world’s oldest natural mother if her claim proves to be true

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Huang, a proud father, holds up a commemorative birth certificate

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Tian, however, has two children, including a son given birth to in 1977 by a C-section, two years before China’s one-child policy.

And while the world’s oldest mother was thought to be Erramatti Mangayamma, 74, from India, who gave birth to a pair of twin girls via an IVF, a retired civil servant, Dawn Brooke, the current world’s oldest mother from Guernsey got pregnant at 58. Before her recent delivery, she had feared that her aches, exhaustion, and cravings were initially signs of cancer.

The number of women having children is increasing fastest among those aged over 40

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On the other hand, some people are concerned if the new parent would be penalized for giving birth to more than the present allowance of two children, while a few drew criticism saying ‘The parents are too selfish.’ Another added: ‘Poor child, she’s going to start taking care of elderly parents at 20.’

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