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White Mum Whose Partner Is Half-Jamaican Gives Birth To Twins With Completely Different Skin Tones


White Mum Whose Partner Is Half-Jamaican Gives Birth To Twins With Completely Different Skin Tones

They no doubt make the family unique.

Since giving birth to her twins in April, Chantelle Broughton is regularly asked if her babies Ayon and Azirah are hers. The million-to-one twins have completely different skin colors – Ayon has delivered with fair skin and green eyes, while Azirah has a darker complexion and brown eyes.  

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via Chantelle Broughton/SWNS

Chantelle looks white but is mixed race due to having a Nigerian maternal granddad. Her husband, Ashton, 29, is half Jamaican, half Scottish. 

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via Chantelle Broughton/SWNS

The 29-Year-Old Auxiliary nurse shared that the twins born at Nottingham City Hospital didn’t look too different from each other at birth, but as the weeks went by, Azirah’s complexion started getting darker and darker. And as a result, the four-month-old twins now have opposite personalities but seem to be getting on well. 

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via Chantelle Broughton/SWNS

“I am glad they came out the way they are – our own unique little family,” Chantelle reportedly alleged. 

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via Chantelle Broughton/SWNS

The mom-of-three added: “Every few weeks, friends and family still say they can’t believe it. Azirah is really laid back and chilled, whereas Ayon wants a lot more attention. He always wants to be rocked and is constantly babbling along. Azirah doesn’t do that very often. But I have noticed they are really staring at each other now and smiling more. I think they will stay like this.”

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via Chantelle Broughton/SWNS

“I think their hair will be different too. Azirah will have thick and curly hair and Ayon’s will be completely different. You can already feel the difference in texture.”

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via Chantelle Broughton/SWNS

More than often, the twins also attract attention when in public, with most people believing they have separate fathers. But overall, Chantelle said they react positively to the twins, with many elderly ladies telling her the babies are beautiful. However, such births are undoubtedly unique, and genetics experts have estimated them at one in a million earlier.

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via Chantelle Broughton/SWNS

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