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Trans Man Complained Nurses Insisted On Calling Him ‘Mom’ During His Pregnancy


Trans Man Complained Nurses Insisted On Calling Him ‘Mom’ During His Pregnancy

This comes after nurses called him ‘mom during his pregnancy!

Carrying and giving birth to his child wasn’t a straightforward decision for Bennett Kasper-Williams. But then the 37-Year-Old from Los Angeles found out he was pregnant in March 2020, without any medical intervention other than coming off hormones. 

Bennett Kaspar-Williams got pregnant in March 2020, shortly after transitioning.

Now, the trans dad is complaining about being misgendered by nurses as “mom.”

In October 2020, Bennett gave birth via cesarean section, having a beautiful boy named Hudson. While in the hospital, Bennett claimed he was constantly misgendered despite having a beard and a flat chest. People couldn’t help but default to calling him “mom, mother, or ma’am.”

“It’s so important that we stop defining ‘womanhood’ in terms of ‘motherhood,” Bennett has urged.

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He explained it because it’s a false equivalency that all women can become moms & that all moms carry their children.

“The only thing that made me dysphoric about my pregnancy was the misgendering that happened to me when I was getting medical care for my pregnancy. The business of pregnancy and Yes, I say business because the entire institution of pregnancy care in America is centered around selling this concept of motherhood.”

Bennett, pictured here during his pregnancy, gave birth via cesarean section in October 2020.

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And even with a beard, a flat chest, and a male’ gender marker, people called him ‘mom,’ ‘mother,’ or ‘ma’am.’

Nothing about being pregnant felt ‘feminine’ to Bennett!

“It’s so intertwined with a gender that it was hard to escape being misgendered. That was what made my dysphoric. Nothing about being pregnant felt feminine to me – in fact, I think carrying a child isolated due to the pandemic and facing all the hospitals and appointments alone was the absolute toughest, bravest thing I’ve ever done,” Bennett, according to Daily Mail, explained. 

But the fact he faced all the hospitals and appointments was the absolute toughest, bravest thing he’s ever done.

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“Nothing feels stronger than being able to say I’m a dad who created my child,” Bennett declared.

He added that despite everything, nothing feels stronger than being able to say he’s a dad who created his child. Bennett equally urged it’s so important to stop defining womanhood in terms of motherhood because it’s a false equivalency that all women can become mothers, that all mothers carry their children, or that all people carry children are mothers.

The dad also believes his son Hudson will undoubtedly accept that he came from him.

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With husband Malik and baby Hudson, Bennett chose pregnancy after deciding they wanted to have children.

The best thing for Bennett so far is seeing Hudson share his discoveries.

However, Bennett first realized he was trans in 2011 but didn’t instantly begin his transition until three years later. In 2017, he crossed paths with Malik, his husband, whom he married in 2019. The pair decided they wanted to have children and weighed the available options because it meant Bennett would have to stop the testosterone hormone therapy he had been on for several years. 

Bennett pictured when he was younger did not realize he was transgender until 2011.

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When Hudson is old enough, the parents will tell him his Dada was the one who carried and took care of him.

The couple had been trying to get pregnant and had expected the process to take longer than it did.

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Bennett, who has had surgery on the top half of his body but not on his genitalia, eventually decided he would be comfortable trying to conceive and carrying a child. Bennett believes his son would no doubt accept he came from him, just as he accepts all the other love and beauty around him. Specifically, two years after beginning his hormone treatment in the summer of 2015, Bennett had surgery to remove his b**bs, paying $5000 for the procedure. 

Bennett enjoys watching Hudson learn and grow and is excited for his son to grow up with a Dada and a Papa.

Bennett and Malik met in 2017 and fell in love. The pair officially got married in 2019.

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