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TikTok Of A Crying Mom Goes Viral As She Couldn’t Buy Diaper After People Bulk-Buy


TikTok Of A Crying Mom Goes Viral As She Couldn’t Buy Diaper After People Bulk-Buy

She just needs some for her youngest daughter.

In a world where most people are used to getting all their daily needs from the supermarket, the idea of not being able your basic needs there is terrifying. That is what came across the mind of Lauren Whitney, a mother of four who recently went viral with her TikTok video.

Lauren was seen breaking down in tears as she showed the empty shelf of diapers.


“So to all you crazy people buying out all the diapers, how am I supposed to…,” Lauren stopped herself as tears were about to flow out. “How am I supposed to diaper my child, if I can’t afford to buy 20 at a time like you can?”



♬ original sound – browncoatbetty

She later admits that she considered taking down the video because she thought of only keeping it as a draft. She only realized an hour later than it has been posted and it was already viral. Later, she posted another video after she calmed down, clarifying what happened.


“Thank you so much to everyone that’s offered to help,” she said. “We’re okay. We’re not destitute.” She continued explaining why she thought that video had to be seen “to bring awareness to the fact that people who go and panic-buying are causing problems to those of us who can’t afford to do that.”

She also revealed she got demoted that week for a ‘stupid reason’ and she was feeling emotional. And while some people told her about cloth diaper, she explained her daughter is close to being potty trained and she doesn’t think it’s worth investing in cloth diaper temporarily.

Good news, though! Lauren made another visit to the store and found herself two packs of size 5!


THANK YOU!!!! I mean holy moly, I did not expect that!

♬ original sound – browncoatbetty

She also made sure to take only what she needs and hopes other moms can get their hands on diapers of their kids’ size.

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