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30 Wholesome Pics During The Current Situation Might Make You Feel Better

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30 Wholesome Pics During The Current Situation Might Make You Feel Better

There are still kind people out there.

For the past few days, we’re only seeing how people become really selfish and self-centered as their survival mode switch is flipped. With national state emergency sounded in several countries and lockdown put in place in many cities, many people are acting very self-centered and stockpile food and other resources.

But by panic-buying, it will end up in not letting other people get them when they need to. But there are not only bad people during these times – there are also people who prove themselves to be selfless. These people share kindness and Greenlemon believes that there is still hope in humanity.

1. This is the same medical team that fought Covid-19 in China. They’re currently in Italy to help them.


2. Since the assisted living is on lockdown, this man has been coming daily to see and talk to his dad through the phone.


3. His granddaughter told him about his engagement.


4. This Italian hospital ran out of ICU valves, but that wasn’t the end of it.


5. We can become Rebecca.

6. A woman shared her free-lunch for kids when school is closed on Facebook.


7. This couple spent out of their pocket to give out necessities for the elderly.


8. These doctors walked out of the last temporary hospital in Wuhan after it’s closed.


9. Shine Distillery in Chicago makes hand sanitizer and gives them away for free.


10. Covid-10 task force who deserves appreciation.


11. This lady hides 65 animals which were abandoned during the Wuhan outbreak in her small home as the authority allows only 1 pet per home and animals of Covid-19 patients are killed.

13 days ago

12. The same medical team from China flew to fight Covid-19 in Iran.


13. This neighbor left a bag of toilet paper with the note: From one neighbor to another. The recipient is a single mom with bipolar and she cried at this.


14. This fitness trainer is leading neighbors to workout as lockdown is in motion in Spain.

Sano Sevilla Los Bermejales

15. This shop in Edinburgh, Scotland, gives away essential packs and even deliver them.


16. Meanwhile this family from PA is giving away toilet papers for free.


17. From a little free library to a little free food pantry overnight.


18. Here’s the first shipping for masks and test kits to the UK from Shanghai.


19. My girlfriend kicking Corona’s asses.


20. Here’s an image of one of the heroes fighting against Covid-19 – the nurses.


21. In the laundry room, found this nice person.


22. This is Jenn, the unsung hero who help the elders.


23. Someone set up a table of free supplies for people struggling to find resources during this time in needs.


24. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively did not forget to lighten up the mood along with $1 million to Feeding America and Food Banks Canada.


25. Someone has been taping hand sanitizer all around public places.


26. An 11-year-old sent people funny survival kits.


27. This supermarket opens for 2 hours for only elderly.

Greg Martin/Cornwall Live

28. Kindness shines during dark times.


29. This lady buys needs for an old man who only had canned goods and alchol.

Lane Blackwater

30. This woman reached out to vulnerable neighbors to offer for any help from shopping to simply a chat.

Julie MacDonald

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