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Thor: Love And Thunder Updates Floating Head CGI, But Fans Still Hate It


Thor: Love And Thunder Updates Floating Head CGI, But Fans Still Hate It

The floating head of Axl, Heimdall’s son.

Cinema-goers have been divided in opinion since June 8 when Thor: Love and Thunder hit the screen. The argument is centered on the GCI and special effects featured in the Thor 4 movie. However, it seems Marvel has listened, as one of the scenes criticized has been tweaked for Disney Plus. 

The scene sees the floating head of Axl, Heimdall’s son, as he communities with Thor using his inherited powers.

Floating Head GCI In Thor 1
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Spoiler Alert: Axl and a few other Asgardian children had been held captive by Gorr the God Butcher. The communication manifested on screen with Axl’s floating head, and to put it fairly nicely; it didn’t look good. It turns out that even as Marvel has improved the effect for the Disney Plus cut, some fans think the scene is still bad.

Axl’s head now looks a lot sharper in the new scene. 

Fans think the new effect hasn’t made it better, and unsurprisingly, it has led to alternative videos being created with various other people’s heads in place of Axl’s floating head. The best among the many videos replaced the Asgardian child with the floating Mario head from the Super Mario 64 startup screen.

“Don’t you panic, everyone; I found the fixed version of #MCU’s #ThorLoveAndThunder,” the alternative video with Mario’s head read.

A few tried to defend the poor effects, as one person said Axl is still learning to use his powers, and that’s why his floating head looked so bad. However, She-Hulk had also been heavily criticized when it was first revealed. Reports suggested the effects are becoming poor because VFX artists refused to work on Marvel projects due to unrealistic expectations. 

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