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This Woman’s Spicy And Crazily Eventful Life Story On ‘Humans Of New York’ Is Winning The Internet


This Woman’s Spicy And Crazily Eventful Life Story On ‘Humans Of New York’ Is Winning The Internet

Honestly, It’s worth making a movie or a book!

In one of the latest installments of ‘Humans of New York’ a black woman identified as Tanqueray has caused an uproar on the internet.

Her snippet featured around her interesting life in New York back in the 70s, filled with antidotes, drug dealers, strippers, porn stars and many more. Presented verbatim, Tanqueray’s story is to be read over and over again with hot tea.

She revealed how extravagant her wardrobe was because of her friend Paris and even went into more details on a wild night event that brought about a lifetime of stories.

In her second installment, Tanqueray dished her stripper days. The amount she usually earns, the strategies and tricks she used to do and all of the mob details one would ever want to know since she couldn’t just get enough.

Undoubtedly, her real event story is so good and got the third installment. In her third post, she told a story center around a President who used to book her best friend Vicki for sexual moments. Yes, a President!

‘Madame Blanche usually hooks up my best friend Vicki with the President every time he arrived in New York. Who I am to reveal his identity, I can’t afford the lawyers please.’ Read the full story here:

A larger fraction of internet users couldn’t believe that the tea kept getting hotter and hotter

This internet user wants Tanqueray to have all like movies and honestly, the rest want same:

Many opted for a book or movie concerning the ‘giving-no-f*cks woman’

This black woman – Tanqueray is the queen that keeps giving:

And many of us had to address that haters think it’s photoshopped, but NO, here’s the real deal:

For real, users were also interested in knowing which president was hooking up with Vicki

She taught us everything:

‘We need a Tanqueray book, movie as well as a meet-and-greet’ – Do you agree?’

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