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This Viral Video Shows How Differently Cats And Dogs Deal With Obstacles


This Viral Video Shows How Differently Cats And Dogs Deal With Obstacles

Can you tell who is better – dogs or cats?

Are you a fan of dogs or cats? For some reason, there’s never-ending combat to define which group (cats owner or dog owner)  is right and which species is really better. Well, it appears like we finally have an answer to this argument!

Just recently, Twitter was taken by a storm by a new viral challenge called “Cat vs. Dog Challenge” which displays the differences in how cats and dogs deal with obstacles in their way.

This Clip Of A Cat And A dog Challenging In A Hilarious Way Went Viral On Twitter

This viral challenge shows cats and dogs challenging with one another in an entertaining manner. Each species is put to comic and engaging tests with different difficulties to see how they will differently finish up their tasks. A lot of pet owners concluded to part take in the challenge to show that both species are different, but that it doesn’t mean that one is better than the other.

While all domesticated animals have various characters, the challenge showed that both cats and dogs showed tendencies exceptional to their species. In the first video, we see a little black cat carefully walking past many products laid out on the floor.


The cat walked very slowly so everything maintains the same position, although when a dog attempts to do the same thing, he does it happily and rapidly, knocking over every product in the way. But, if you look how excited the dog is, it’s hard to blame him.

People Joined The Trend


In the second video, we see the owner carefully arranging a large pile of dominoes. Initially, he calls his cat to cross the obstacle course. The cat is slow but confident as she carefully places her paws between the dominoes.

People Loved The Comparison


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The cat successfully manages to complete three tasks, each time with more dominoes. When the dog’s turn comes, he rushes to finish up the job, many dominoes fall over, but again the dog is so happy and excited that it’s difficult to be mad at him.

Admired Personalities


Both cats and dogs are different and unique- not to mention that every pet has a different character! But this challenge has proven to us that cat tends to be more confident and careful, while dogs are more clumsy but definitely more cheerful.  And when we get to the question of who is better, the answer will be both of them.

People Loved The Challenge


People Even Posted A Part II



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