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This Mom Shares Hilarious Self-Isolation Parody And It Goes Viral


This Mom Shares Hilarious Self-Isolation Parody And It Goes Viral

Giving her point for the creativity and hilarity.

Lockdown has got people absolutely going nuts and bored out at home. But some were not so lucky, particularly mothers. Because imagine getting truly stuck with your kids 24/7 with no escape – that is the true challenge of parenting.

So, blogger Victoria Emes decided to make a whole parody out of it.

If you’re going mad, might as well make it a worthwhile content on your parenting blog, right?

Her parody version of ‘I Will Survive’ sounds like this:

At first I was afraid, I was petrified
Kept thinking how I’d ever live without the world outside
But then I spent so many nights, scoffing crisps and necking wine
I know it’s time to say we’re gonna be just fine.

And so we’re here, stuck in this room
I don’t know when we’re getting out but no better place to face the doom.
I should have bought that bag of rice
I should’ve stockpiled more bog roll
If I’d have known
For just one second I’d have such a messy hole.

But I’ve got snacks
Plenty of gin
That home school schedule can go straight in the f***ing bin.
I wanna smash my husband’s face
I wanna wave my kids goodbye
But I won’t crumble
I won’t lay down and die.

Sounds like a legit anthem all mothers should be singing right now for our sanity. The mother did not forget to include the message to ask people so self-isolate at home.

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