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33 Times People Didn’t Think Things Through So They Ended Up Hilarious


33 Times People Didn’t Think Things Through So They Ended Up Hilarious

They failed to get their real message across… and more.

We are pretty sure these people did not mean the ‘accidental implications’ or mistakes that happened in this list. But Greenlemon can’t help and think these are rather funny and that our readers will definitely enjoy seeing them.

But honestly, we can agree these tend to be better marketing and memorable moments than not. Right?

1. Previous movie season got ‘Little Women’ like…

Reddit | PinkFloydJoe

2. The classic ‘what I wished vs. what I got’ meme.

Reddit | TheLastRealMan

3. This university was planning to give away Ben & Jerry’s at the Cathedral lounge. Hmm..

Reddit | koko_koala94

4. This real sign near where I work.

Reddit | systemsofromance

5. How to scar a mother for life. (Obviously, an edit by someone who may have never seen a baby before)

Reddit | meowroarhiss

6. This advert that went a bit too far… or maybe not. Just a little closer is enough.

Reddit | Illumablocki

7. Just ask? That’s it?

Reddit | alexisGodly

8. Lake Garda-shapped pasta…

Reddit | CookiePixell

9. So, he forgot about his dentist appointment. No, he’s not mad.

Reddit | Possibly_

10. When designers try to be fancy and forgot the whole purpose of a toilet.

Reddit | TheRealBearSloth

11. Yeah, I don’t think they are the same man. Could be a ghost’s reflection right there.

Reddit | Maelarion

12. In Hong Kong you can find solar-powered streetlights which have never seen the sun.

Reddit | tldfr

13. This editor does not deserve his position.

Reddit | psiwakoti1

14. Pretty sure you can see it clearly, but both buttons have the same Braille spellings. It means ‘S’. So, press the above for ‘SALARM’.

Reddit | YaBoiJasper

15. Man was so focused on winning 10 giant bears from Knott’s Berry Farm. He didn’t think about whether he should.


16. It doesn’t feel like the designer think it through with this one. It’s a wrestling shirt, by the way.

Reddit | mnLIED

17. This protection against the kind of robber or thief that only climbs the gate.

Reddit | WeirdOldShrimp

18. Keanu Reeves in Ukrainian history textbook. One thing for sure, this scholar doesn’t know what he was doing.

Reddit | bb_brune

19. The person taking this picture is 5’3. That is how bad these stalls were made.

Reddit | taytaylife

20. I can almost bet this was on purpose.

Reddit | Excal333

21. WARNING: someone put a coin in their eye.

Reddit | MateusPirocudo

22. When you’re a designer and you hate humans.

Reddit | b-radical29

23. This was a Germany station, so okay. But if you’re concerned, yes, Iowa is still Iowa.

Reddit | jxf

24. It’s like someone played The Sims and just forgot they had a door there.

Reddit | ApeCommando

25. First, you’d think this was someone in a costume. No, the restaurant owner chained a moose figure to the urinal…

Reddit | WhatTheHelloYT

26. The contractor buried the gas meter and gas shutoff in cement. You can see they were separately buried, but WHY?

Reddit | Steevo_no_jackass

27. Nothing hotter and more daring than setting your crotch on fire with a calm face at your friend’s.

Reddit | JohnStamossi

28. We have questions.

Reddit | xxzach547xx

29. We’d expect a PG-13 movie to at least sound PG-13, but this does look like a better summary.

Reddit | kekembas17

30. It’s a fire dance, but instead of dancing, they were fighting and everything was on fire. Yeah, we were joking.

Reddit | N1ghtv0re

31. My sister’s school health clinic may need some emoji-education

Reddit | TwirlyGuacamole

32. Lots of controversy in a household over this

Reddit | MontiferMole

33. If you see a flyer for a wildlife park, be sure to check if they have a bus to tour you through the place.

Reddit | lookwilson

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