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This Guy Learned ‘How To Make Mask From Old Clothes’ And His Hilarious Post Goes Viral


This Guy Learned ‘How To Make Mask From Old Clothes’ And His Hilarious Post Goes Viral

Adorable cheeks.

This lockdown period seems to be the perfect time to get ourselves into some DIY projects. Some of you have probably been through several tutorials on making your own reusable masks to be worn outside. But how many of us have actually done it and be daring enough to show it to the world?

Well, Adam Ellis is one such brave man whose recent post on mask-making has gone viral.

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In case you don’t know who this face is or even who Adam is, you may have been following his art page adamtots. Adam is a popular illustrator and often post hilarious with a tinge of horror comics from time to time on his page.

To be fair, Adam’s first try on making a mask was pretty neat. Rather than letting those old pairs of pants sit in the corner, they can at least be re-purposed into something useful during this period.

So, he decided to take pictures on how he made the mask.

He used an old pair of green pants made of quite the think material. He cut them in a square shape and manually sew them together with an elastic band. As the inner side of the pants gave it a little bit of accent and makes this quite the fancy mask to wear outside.

The color and the not-so-neat sewing gave this a little bit of rustic/vintage vibe. Really not bad for a first-try! But Adam decided that it won’t be fun to just show you his DIY project on making a mask from old clothes and dropped this last picture on his post.


“What do you think?” Adam captioned.

Well, Adam, we did not expect you to wear the very same pants you had cut from for your mask. But people were loving it anyway!

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