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Japanese Underwear Company Is Producing Masks To Aid Shortage


Japanese Underwear Company Is Producing Masks To Aid Shortage

The brassiere is seriously trying!

Across the world, clothing companies and legions of home sewers are rolling out face masks as fast as possible to meet the urgent shortage of masks available to medical workers, patients and to non-infected patients.

It has been a heartening and admirable effort by many companies and individuals to assist in a moment of global need. Recently, a company situated in Toyama Prefecture, the Atsumi Fashion Co. is producing masks by repurposing the daily used women’s underwear.

The fashion company started utilizing the cloth lining from bras after an employee discovered that similar fabrics were being used for disposable masks.

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‘We sincerely want to contribute to society as mask shortage lingers. These masks can help prevent the virus from spreading to others via sneezing and coughing.’ Hiroshi Hinata, the brand’s sales manager revealed.

Employees, in particular, are putting in new methods after the city urged local businesses to assist in providing masks for workers at City Hall.

Accordingly, the Atsumi Fashion Co. plans on making about 1000 masks for the city while also distributing them to educational and medical institutions.

Nevertheless, a health worker caring for affected patients continue to put themselves at a glaring risk. With death news of medics dying after contracting the virus, health workers are blaming the lack of protective equipment, including masks as the major cause.

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