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Kamala Harris’ step-daughter Ella Emhoff’s daring runway walks, and unique style makes her fashion ‘icon’


Kamala Harris’ step-daughter Ella Emhoff’s daring runway walks, and unique style makes her fashion ‘icon’

Ella Emhoff is the girl of Kamala Harris’ better half Doug Emhoff, and his first wife, Kerstin – she was impelled into the spotlight after she went to the inauguration with her stepmom
She grabbed the world’s eye by wearing a stunning Miu Miu coat and a custom Batsheva dress to the occasion

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ella emhoff goes viral
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At that point, she was studying at Parsons School of Design – however, the understudy soon turned into a top model, walking in shows for huge brands like Balenciaga and posing for top magazines like Vanity Fair

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She has since sent off her own knitwear assortment, went to the Met gala, turned into the essence of a Stella McCartney line, and showed up in many more runway shows -including the recent one in which she bared her chest.

Kamala’s stepdaughter Ella Emhoff goes from a typical undergrad to a style sensation essentially short-term.

Ella Emhoff With Her Brother, Dad, And Stepmom

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Before the inauguration, Ella was already showcasing her sense of Fashion on her Instagram

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Ella skyrocketed into fashion fame practically overnight after she wore a Miu plaid cover with precious stone encrusted shoulders and a wide collar over a burgundy Batsheva dress during President Joe Biden’s introduction in January 2021

she landed titles across enormous outlets like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and The Hollywood Reporter because of her eye-getting look

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Ella emhoff/Instagram

Ella was attempting to launch her own line of crocheted clothing

According to Batsheva Hay, the fashioner behind her initiation dress, a companion had found Ella’s creations on the web and advised her to connect.

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Ella told Vogue that she was trying to portray a ‘little girl ‘ in the inauguration. I was going for something girlier, to embrace my feminine side.

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instagram/ella emhoff

She then signed a signing with modeling agency IMG and made her runway debut.

She likewise featured in her first Vogue shoot, graduated from college, postured for Vanity Fair, went to the Met gala, strolled in Balenciaga’s show in Paris, and turned into the substance of the Adidas by Stella McCartney line all through 2021

‘Growing up, I never saw myself as somebody stylish, at all,’ she admitted to Elle

‘If I had to describe my style right now, it’s not even a way of dressing. It’s just wearing clothes that you feel good in, not really being influenced by what other people want you to be wearing,’ she said.

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Ella made an even bigger splash at New York Fashion Week 2022 when she walked on Prabal Gurung’s catwalk and bared her breasts

ella emhoff runway nyc

stepdaughter of the VP wore a revealing, barely-there, mint top for the show and a little leather skirt.

ella emhoff runway

Ella has also gained a lot of attention online for some of her other radical moves – including not concealing her tattoos or shaving her armpit hair.

source –Vogue

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