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This Dog Carries 13.6kg Dumbbell Everywhere He Goes


This Dog Carries 13.6kg Dumbbell Everywhere He Goes

That is one strong dog.

Pets like to have a certain toy they seem to love the most. No matter what you do, you don’t separate them from their favorite toy, doesn’t matter if it’s been chewed to bits and has been dragged through the mud. They’ll love it still.

This particular dog has a rather… peculiar choice for favorite toy.

When other dogs prefer plushies or bones to chew and carry around, Bonzo the Rottweiler has an actual weight as his favorite toy. This woman tweeted a video of her uncle’s dog who is seen casually wandering around with a weight hanging on his mouth.

Yes, it’s a 13.6kg dumbbell that he can only see as a steel bone. You can try to give him bones, but nothing in this world means much more as a favorite toy as this ‘bone’.

But he’s such a cute and adorable boy, how can you take it away from him?!


Not like it’s actually possible to take the ‘bone’ out of a dog who’s been lifting for almost his whole life.


People absolutely love and respect this strong boy.



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