This New Snapchat Filter Turns Your Dog Into Disney Character

This New Snapchat Filter Can Turns Your Dog Into Disney Character

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Social media filters can either be a hit or a miss. Filters gradually become a thing, transforming its users into perfect babes and guys while also making a few appear like creatures from the deep ocean. Interestingly, a new filter for your pets has officially been introduced via a Facebook Group titled ‘Dogspotting Society’. For all doggy owners, there’s presently a Snapchat filter that’s turning pets into adorable Disney Characters.

For decades, Disney Princesses, including its numerous characters from several animated series and movies have been in the spotlight. Inspiring cosplays, ranging from people wanting to look like Cinderella to living the fairytale life in reality, here’s a whole new game – Disney version of doggo. Have you used Snapchat lately? If you haven’t, you should then do that right away and explore the new filter. Besides, we’ve compiled a few for your perusal. What are you waiting for, have a look!

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