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Retired Cabinet Maker Goes Viral For Making Cracked Yet Amazing Furniture That Featured In Disney Movies


Retired Cabinet Maker Goes Viral For Making Cracked Yet Amazing Furniture That Featured In Disney Movies

The broken dressers aren’t for sale yet!

Woodwork is really a tough skill to learn – it entails plenty of time, the right tools, knowledge and importantly a lot of practice. Once the basics are learned, you are then prepared to bring in the weirdest creations of your imaginations to life.

It’s doesn’t necessarily matter if you just enjoy staring at complexly made woods items or perhaps interested in learning the craft yourself, you sure will appreciate the works of Henk Verhoeff, a woodworker who’s assured to motivate you.

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Woodworker Henk Verhoeff From New Zealand Went Viral For His Unique Dressers

Henk, from Auckland, New Zealand recently went viral when his daughter shared his creations to a Facebook group. Internet users were absolutely stunned. Obviously, Henk has mastered a rare furniture-making style.

The dressers he crafted appeared like they have been damaged beyond repair, but honestly, they’re functioning.

Gathering a huge amount of attention, Henk’s daughter Linda decided to create a Facebook Page dedicated to displaying the complex furniture’s her dad makes.

‘I would describe this style of furniture as broken and weird. I like making weird furniture, something hardly seen in a shop.’ Henk said.

Henk also admitted all of his creations came solely from his brain, and as you can guess from their appearance, these dressers aren’t very easy to produce.

Speaking to BoredPanda, Henk continued: ‘It’s difficult to say how long each of the pieces took me. It’s unset times during the week and could be estimate 80-100hours.’

‘Details and angles don’t work sometimes, so I have to start again. I use the recycled New Zealand Pine, but if I can lay my hands on Rimu, I will also use that.’

‘I have been woodworking for 53years and now it’s a passion. I started creating them out of the love of it without the intention of selling them out. But if perhaps I run out of space in my home, I will auction them one or two on eBay.’ Henk added.

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