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This 2-Year-Old German Shepherd Will Always Look Like A Tiny Puppy Due To A Rare Condition


This 2-Year-Old German Shepherd Will Always Look Like A Tiny Puppy Due To A Rare Condition

The inspiring doggo enjoys time with his friends, siblings and very much happy!

These photos show an inspiring dog with a rare condition.

Very much in a perpetual puppy-hood, Ranger is identified as a two-year-old purebred German Shepherd from Phoenix, Arizona.

He was diagnosed with Pituitary Dwarfism, meaning he will retain his puppy-looking appearance much longer than normal. Infected by a parasite called Giardia, Ranger’s owners observed he wasn’t growing at the same pace a German Shephard should. They visit their vet who revealed cute ranger might have the Pituitary Dwarfism mutation.

Due to the side effect of his dwarfism, Ranger had contended with several health issues, including flaky skin caused by hypothyroidism and shedding fur.

More info: ranger_thegshepherd

Meet Ranger


But with the unconditional love expressed by his owners and with the help of his online followers, Ranger got all the required treatment and has now made a full recovery from all of his health-related issues.

He’s currently happy and healthy. Ranger can be found playing with his family and sisters, Hazel, a Labrador and fellow German Shephard, Jessie. He can also be seen enjoying online fame and admiration as the lead star of his Instagram account.

A Rare Condition Made This 2-Year-Old German Shephard Stay In Puppy-Hood Forever


He Was Diagnosed With Pituitary Dwarfism


Ranger’s guardian, Shelby Mayo explained: ‘When we took in Ranger from the breeder, he appeared smaller than all of his other litters. So, we figured out he was infected by a parasite called Coccidia’.

‘Following the week we took him in, he became parasite free, but not until he ended up again with a parasite called Giardia. Similarly, we discovered he had a large infection around his neck ad when we got the infection under control, we got rid of the Giardia a few months later.’

But Regardless Of The Health Issues That Followed Ranger’s Diagnosis


He’s Presently Very Cute, Healthy And Happy


Expectedly, Ranger Had Won The Hearts Of Internet Users With His Story:

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