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8 New ‘Pixie And Brutus’ Comics To Make Your Day


8 New ‘Pixie And Brutus’ Comics To Make Your Day

‘Uh, sharp-nosed hippo?

A large fraction of the human population have dog, while others love playing with cats. There are however also individuals who adore and love both animals as pets.

Luckily, there’s a hilarious and amazing Webcomic presently trending, drawn by a talented artist who appreciates both dogs and cats.

Ben Hed, the illustrator of the  Webcomic ‘Pet Foolery’ has been drawing some interesting cartoons, majorly hinged on Brutis – a German Shepherd Dog and Pixie – The Innocent Kitten.

You’ll find discover that the Duo’s Comics are pretty hilarious and interesting. Why not scroll and enjoy Greenlemon compilation of yet again Pixie and Brutus.

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