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These Celebrities Show How They Looked Before Face Tattoos


These Celebrities Show How They Looked Before Face Tattoos

From tribal tattoos to celebrity tributes.

It’s apparent that many occupations often discriminate against people with body modifications, whether that’s a tattoo or a piercing. Even if it’s a meaningful heritage that you embrace with pride if the rest of the world doesn’t see that, you’re more likely to face repercussions.

It was probably a first for many people to see a news anchor make an appearance with a face tattoo.

What many people weren’t informed was that Oriini Kaiapara was just a fill-in for the Newshub section. Yet, it marked history as she became the first journalist ever to be on primetime with a face tattoo. The 37-year-old is also a 100% Māori, the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand.

The lower chin tattoo she got was called moko kauae, which symbolizes the rite of passage for Māori women who have achieved adulthood.

Other celebrities have done the same, too. Mike Tyson got his in 2003, inspired by the Māori.

Mike Tyson rose to popularity after becoming a world heavyweight boxing champion. Towards the end of his career, he set headlines by adding a tattoo to the left side of his face, inspired by Māori. It signifies his “warrior’s status.”

“Me and my friend created this, and it’s a Māori, a New Zealand tribe warrior tattoo,” he shared later. “And I thought it was pretty cool, so I had a tattoo put on my face.”

Amanda Bynes was lowkey about her tattoo.

A snap of her own selfie showed a small love under her left eye and she also had a nose ring. The selfie was taken in 2013, shortly after her short rant against Drake, whom she called “ugly” and falsely accused of having a “disability.”

Post Malone spent millions on body modifications.

He’s a singer recognized for not only his musical achievements but also for his fully tatted face. He also spent $1.6 million to embed two diamonds on his teeth. The Texan pop star shared that insecurity led him to get those face tattoos.

In a throwback snap shared by Snoop Dogg, a clean-faced Post Malone looks totally different. The 26-year-old shared that he didn’t like his appearance before the tattoos.

Nick Carter’s brother, Aaron Carter, surprised people with a tattoo of Rihanna on his face.

On his left face is a tattoo of Rihanna that he got back in 2017. The pop star was drawn as Medusa, a mythical creature of Greek origin which was also a photoshoot theme the 33-year-old did back in 2013.

The 34-year-old rapper’s appearance gradually changes as he covers his body in tattoos. The brother of a Backstreet Boys member shared his Rihanna tattoo with the caption, “I’m the biggest thing in music right now. I can’t be denied. Fact check me.”

Jemma Lucy frequently showed off her tattoos in racy snaps until her Instagram was banned.

The glamour model was most known as the former “Ex on the Beach” star, but many people may not even remember what she used to look like before her face, neck, and practically whole body inking. The 33-year-old brunette

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