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Teen Girl Shares Easy Tips To Stay Safe, And They’re Important


Teen Girl Shares Easy Tips To Stay Safe, And They’re Important

Simple tips to remember while going out!

Spencer Barbosa, an 18-year-old teen girl from Ontario, Canada, is a popular TikTok user known for her honest and outgoing personality. She often shares tips and opinions on women’s safety on TikTok, and they go viral with so many people taking important notes from her!

She has over 4 million views on a single video, and she’s made multiple of them, so keep scrolling to check out her tips!

She shares a lot of tips to help fellow women stay safe out there!


it’s so sad that i even have to make this#safety #personalsafety #lifesaving #advice #female

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It’s sad that teens these days are so well-versed about staying safe. But these are so important!

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“Instead, it’s a really good idea to keep your car key on your nightstand. If anything happens at night, you can grab your car key, press the panic button, and your car alarm will go off,” she added to the second point.

Spencer told her follower in her first video from back in October, “Seeing as most of my followers are female, I need you to be safe, and I need you to know these things.”

She advises against using ponytail as they’re easy to grab and to not overshare your live GPS information!

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If things come to worse? Here are some ways to deter possibly offenders and protect yourself!

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She’s done this more than once and in another video, she tells people how they can stay safe when walking around or living alone.

“If someone is trying to kidnap you, go crazy. Literally, be possessed.”


the world can be scary pls b safeily #personalsafety #selfdefence #lifesaving #safety

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She also reminds those who live alone to leave a pair of huge, ragged work shoes to insinuate that there’s a tough guy living in there.

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“If you are a girl and you live alone, or you’re a group of girls that live together, go to the thrift store, buy a big, huge pair of work boots that are visibly dirty and visibly used, and leave them outside your front door.”

And if worse comes to worst, don’t worry about being nice to your assaulter. Bite them, get your inner demon out. “Pee on them,” Spencer said. Essentially, you want to act like you’re possessed and not give them a single easy moment to drag you away.

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