Ex Secret Service Agent's Clever Safety Tips Go Viral

Ex Secret Service Agent’s Clever Safety Tips Go Viral

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A recent tweet went viral about a former secret service agent sharing tips for women to flee from potential abduction cases. Ryanne tweeted, “Men never ask for help. If a man asks you for help, you need to RUN.”

The viral safety tip that was tweeted by Ryanne went viral with more than 280k likes.


People hurriedly tried finding out where this tip originated from. As many searched around the nooks and crannies of TikTok, they finally reached the consensus that it was from TikTok user Lauren.

Lauren, whose father is a former Secret Service Agent, shares a series of unique inspirational quotes.


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♬ A Thousand Miles – Vanessa Carlton

But her quotes are unique: they’re meant to share tips on how people, especially women and kids, can stay safe.

As the quotes go viral, many viewers asked for more, and she delivered!


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♬ A Thousand Miles – Vanessa Carlton

Definitely watch the videos to see all the quotes she shared!

The video has been viewed more than 2 million times and is split into three parts made by user @cardy_couture_boutique.

On hindsight, these quotes may make it seem like one should always be wary of everyone else.

However, this is the truth: A sexual assaulter can be any kind of person. Dr. Samuel D. Smithyman, who works as a US clinical psychologist, told DW that he once anonymously interviewed 50 people in the 1970s who admitted they had raped someone before. He couldn’t find similarities in their cultural background, social statuses, and characteristics.

These people often lack motives: what most of us can resort to when met with these people is to avoid them quickly.

Anyone can commit a crime when given the right time and met with unwary prey.


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♬ A Thousand Miles – Vanessa Carlton

With the credibility of a former secret service agent, one can always feel reassured of these tips from someone who’ve seen many victims and perpetrators themselves.

A man shared how he feels sorry for this whole situation when at the same time, were at a period of time where we want to help each other.


It really shows when men deliberately pretend like they’re hurt by these tips. As if Google Maps and the Internet don’t exist no more.


Other women share their personal stories of how these quotes are life-saving.