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Sports Presenter Emma Jones Shares Disgusting DM She Received About ‘Sniffing Knickers’


Sports Presenter Emma Jones Shares Disgusting DM She Received About ‘Sniffing Knickers’

Someone sent a vulgar DM after she uploaded a selfie of herself on Instagram.

A presenter shared how she’s received vile and disgusting DMs when she’s on lockdown by people who’ve seen her selfies. The MOTDx and Premier Sports presenter had only uploaded a picture of herself in a long-sleeve grey top tucked inside a pair of jeans.

But someone had decided to reply to her story with a disgusting message about her underwear.

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“Bet your nickers sniff grate mmm,” read the message that she shared with her followers. Needless to say, viewers were disgusted by the message and slammed the man for that inappropriate remark.

Jones graduated from Staffordshire University with a degree in journalism and worked as the presenter in MOTDx for BBC Three as well as Premier Sports. She’d also covered football culture news with former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Jermaine Jenas.

Back in 2021, she had also shared with her followers how her first day on lockdown was welcomed with a vile d**k pic.

“Managed to get three hours into lockdown before being sent an unsolicited picture of a penis on social media. This is going to be a long six weeks,” she shared on Twitter

At another time, a strange request came in from a stranger who wanted her feet pics. They were willing to pay £400 for them.

As if asking herself, she wrote an article regarding the request from back in January 2020, and it read, “What would you like your legacy to be, Emma?”

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