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Man Sends This Woman An Unsolicited Pic, She Replies By Saying An App Already Sent It To The Police


Man Sends This Woman An Unsolicited Pic, She Replies By Saying An App Already Sent It To The Police

Where did men learn about this?

We can never understand how some people think it’s great to flash their dong to a random person. Even after a nice conversation, it is never okay to do that, never. EVER. But thankfully, there are still nice guys who understand fully that a woman’s no really means no.

But this is such a prevalent problem in the digital world where strangers can communicate with each other within a few clicks. Fortunately, we have a heroine from Seattle who knew just the right response. Mariclare Michelle met a creep herself and check out how she made him turn tail.

“Don’t send me d**k pics or I’ll f*kin’ blast you,” she warned.

Michelle also revealed that she gets these unsolicited nude pictures since she was as young as 13. Many of them are completely out of the blue and it just made her expect that happening all the time when talking to men. In fact, girls would bond over this very issue as they talk about it.

It appears that this guy had approached her four friends before her.


So, they revealed what happened to them, too.


And more proof of the same creep!


The post now reveals that he’s a repeat offender.


And the guys has even been getting the person wrong.


YouGov released a survey that reveals more than 40% of women between the age of 18 – 36 has received one unsolicited picture of a man’s dong. But on the other hand, only 22% of men admit that they’ve sent one at one point and even lesser than that, about 5% of men, admitted they were unsolicited.

Yes, people can obviously lie in their surveys because some of them still feel shameful about what they do.

People are standing up against this guy and call out to the ‘weird’ guy.


The Internet shared their opinions and learned from this woman’s smart response.

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