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It’s 2020 And People Didn’t Know The No Internet Dinosaur Is A Addictive Game


It’s 2020 And People Didn’t Know The No Internet Dinosaur Is A Addictive Game

Are you one of them?

Ah, this issue that only exists within people who never had any issue with their Internet. Seriously, it was unfathomable that there are still people who’ve never had to spend an hour chasing after their own high score with the jumping dinosaurs, but these people EXIST.

Google Chrome has a mini-game that can be played when there’s no internet connection.

Yeah, you could be the last man on Earth to not know this.

I remember the year I played the dinosaur on a Valentine’s Day alone as well. Feels so far away.

A lot of people already figured out that even if you don’t have internet, there’s this dinosaur that Chrome added to allow us to be slightly entertained. I found this out years ago when a friend from school showed the jumping dinosaur. Others may just have pressed the spacebar by accident or clicked on the dinosaur because it just looks cute.

Well, guess what, you can play with it and by jumping over cactus, you earn score. The game can go for an unlimited amount of time. Well, actually, Edward Jung the creator revealed that it can run for exactly 17 million years. Not sure if anyone has played that far yet but we’d definitely like to know.

Did you also know that the game has been added since 2014 and is still being played about 270 million every month? And that they had to give enterprise rights to disable the game because it was so addictive to both kids and adults?

But since you’re reading this now, you’ve probably got over the game by now.

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